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Elevated by independence, truly vendor-neutral and bold enough to buck the status-quo.

GRI focuses solely on delivering innovative, best-in-class workforce solutions as an independent Managed Services Provider ("MSP") provider.  And in an industry that largely lacks transparency, and is steeped with channel-conflict, no other workforce solutions company can back up this claim!


GRI works exclusively for our customers and transcends the industry standards.  The client comes first and our role as an exclusive advocate is absolute and unbiased.  We are the only MSP that is (1) singularly focused (2) vendor-neutral, (3) free of all channel conflict, and (4) not controlled by a staffing company. 

When we work with you to create a successful, flexible workforce solution, we tap into a network of proven partners on Day 1, not as a second step only after we fulfill our corporate mandate from our in-house staffing arms. Because we don’t have any corporate in-house staffing arms.   


We offer a Managed Direct Sourcing ("MDS") solution that is native to our MSP. It creates meaningful cost savings and reduced time-to-fill beyond the typical program while improving worker quality. It works well because we are motivated and incentivized by its success; no other MSP can confidently stake that claim.     


We actually innovate — it’s not just an overused and largely misunderstood word at GRI. The ‘box’ doesn’t direct us, and therefore it’s much easier for us to think outside of it. And to think instead about technologies, talent acquisition models and processes as well as the collective eco-system that will most benefit our clients.

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Talent First

At GRI, we have an amazingly talented and diverse  employee base engaged in service excellence for our client programs. We hire, develop and retain individuals with extensive industry experience and customer focused beliefs. Leading Fortune 1000 companies know experience when they see it, and our tenured employees have the reputation of being well-qualified, exceptional client advocates.

Results Oriented

Our clients are focused on the bottom line and initiatives without tangible results receive little attention. As we launch an engagement, we develop performance objectives and associated metrics. Throughout the engagement we track performance, report results, and course correct when required. We are methodical and outcomes focused.

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Clearly Defined Strategy

We are the subject matter experts. Leading edge companies aren’t interested in loose requirements and soft deadlines. Prior to kicking off an implementation, we ensure solid alignment with our client team so we can articulate the goals, benefits, resource requirements and timing associated with the engagement.

Who we are and what we do.

GRI’s MSP solution is customized to meet our client’s needs. This includes selecting, implementing and optimizing your chosen Vendor Management Software ("VMS") technology, staffing providers, payrolling/independent contractor compliance provider, and talent cloud solutions based on the client’s business and cultural dynamics. Extending beyond basic MSP solutions, GRI has elevated our customer experience by providing enhanced services that drive performance visibility, Statement-of-Work ("SOW") project management, Managed Direct Sourcing ("MDS") proactive sourcing of talent, rate intelligence, and superior supplier engagement.


We are a vendor-neutral, independent MSP

We have no internal-corporate mandates to fill, or edicts to impose the use of our own or preferential providers making us an objective client advocate. If a staffing vendor has been successful or can show us they can provide what we need to make your workforce solution successful, they are in the game.


We go BIG with business intelligence data

With our proprietary Envision Analytics, we combine information outside of a company’s own data sources and serve as a third-party resource, which helps correlate program variables so that clients can not only see what has happened within their program, but determine why it happened and what to do next.


We keep it simple

Many organizations in the workforce solutions industry tend to overcomplicate what the end result is – which is putting the right people to work at the right time, and at the right price. At GRI, we navigate the complex workforce nuances to create solutions that are straight-forward, transparent and wholly simple.


Direct Sourcing is native to our offering

While ‘hush-hush’ for most enterprise-level workforce solution providers, managed direct sourcing is a critical element of our solution.  For most, direct sourcing is a proposition of diminishing return, but for us, it’s an undeniable benefit for our Clients.


We have a straightforward approach to supplier management

Our advocacy approach allows our client’s to receive top talent as, collectively, we are the MSP of choice amongst staffing suppliers.  This is in large part because we continue to invest in a dedicated partnership and relationship team that ensures our key partners are successful, motivated and eager to work on our programs. 


We are a high-end, high-touch service

We don’t measure our customer relationships by spend under management, and we invest time into servicing all of our accounts as if each relationship is our only engagement.  Our client return rates are second to none.


We focus our energy on being the best MSP we can be

We do one thing and do it well, un-compromised in our approach and relentless in developing our craft. We are already differentiated in a market that lacks differentiation, and we work hard at widening the gap every day through continuous improvement, ongoing enhancements and trend-setting solutions. 

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