Envision Analytics + Reporting

With the power of Envision, GRI delivers instant insights (data science) using the power of predictions (machine learning) to get our customers to actions (AI) faster than ever. Envision is all encompassing – from foundational information, to deep level Insights, to neural network analytics…What happened, why it happened, what will happen next and how can I make it happen…

• GRI’s proprietary workforce analytics platform, Envision, leverages modern technology and data science, along with global contingent labor benchmark data.
• Envision enables you to analyze, visualize, and predict, labor trends and outcomes within your programs.
• Envision gives you the ability to combine and correlate program variables to not only see what has happened within your program, but determine what will happen and what to do next using only trusted data sources.

Answering the Right Questions with Envision Analytics:
With traditional reporting you have a rear-view mirror look at how your program performed. Envision differentiates by providing WHAT happened combined with WHY and NEXT…

With Envision our customers can answer key questions of interest
• What important things happened this period (day, week, month...)?
• Why did they happen?
• What should I do next?
• How do I govern my program?
• How can I predict future rates based on economic trends?
• How does my program perform against the market or my industry?
• How can we make more informed and creative decisions on resourcing strategies?
• Are there opportunities to drive cost savings through rate adjustments?
• How can I monitor, visualize and prepare analysis for on-demand business reviews?
• How is a supplier performing across my program, enterprise and the market norm?

Natural language processing and artificial intelligence to empower decision support analytics

Envision Analytics + Reporting
The power is infinite and the possibilities are endless

Envision closely knits together pattern recognition, neural networks, automation, algorithms, AI, data mining, machine learning and problem solving.

Envision Analytics + Reporting
Envision enables GRI

To assess the staffing partner's performance in a 360-degree view to identify which roles and geographies are their strengths and configure the talent partner supply chain to deliver against Client demands

Envision Analytics + Reporting
The industry leading differentiator in Workforce Decision Analysis

Envision uses massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to build models that make faster, more confident decision making and ultimately drive cost savings.

The Envision Advantage

Envision Analytics + Reporting
It Starts with Architecting the Data for Analytics:

Envision is powered by machine learning algorithms, built on a modern data platform and leverage data from all sources to deliver descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Envision Analytics + Reporting
Envision can ingest any data – from anywhere – in any format

Offering Predictive Data Science Analytics (including market rates, operating metrics, and more) leverage transactional contingent worker data from all sources

Envision Analytics + Reporting
The Envision platform complements VMS reporting

With visualizations and MSP analytics capabilities that enable clients to precisely compute the cost of contingent workers and test their workforce strategies



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Saved 12% to 55% per SOW

Our next success story is yours!

Contact GRI today for a free, no obligation assessment of your current contingent labor program. We often make immediate recommendations that reduce cost, reduce time-to-fill and increase worker quality.

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“Having worked with GRI for 10+ years, we've been able to establish a solid and strategic relationship. As an MSP, GRI is responsive to all business requirements, providing up to date information for all open jobs, invoicing and any other matter required to support the account. We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our relationship.”

Ben Akerstain, Director