Statement of Work (SOW)

Through our SOW service offering, we extend procurement’s reach throughout your company to better administer the scale of spend and optimize risk management. We work with you to create and deploy an individualized plan to meet your stakeholders' needs. GRI's SOW offering supports the full, end-to-end SOW lifecycle, from vendor selection, to SOW development, to treasury management (invoicing and payments), to reporting and analytics.

Our customized, strategic solution delivers an end-to-end program led with singular governance that incorporates a unification of contracts and technology for operations.

We address the problems that arise as a result of contract mismanagement. Cost overruns, project delays, and value leakage are common, often costing companies millions of dollars. GRI regularly finds 10% to 20%+ savings across entire SOW programs.

GRI employs best-in-class processes, expert resources, and leading data analytics technology to establish complete ownership in the start-to-finish execution of the SOW lifecycle. We provide more than transactional and Vendor Management System (VMS) support. We become an integral part of your company’s procurement team and a true strategic partner.

We deliver innovative, value driven and full-service SOW solutions to many Fortune 1000 companies. Our solutions drive visibility, cost savings, proactive sourcing of talent, market intelligence, superior Supplier engagement, enhanced analytics and management.

An extension of procurement’s reach to better administer the scale of spend and optimize risk management

Statement of Work (SOW)
Sustained savings

Both in hard cost savings from proper worker classification and market-driven supplier negotiations, and also in softer savings as it relates to the time to delivery for your SOW resources. In some cases, the work can be sourced with a contingent labor provider for 30% less than the SOW firm.

Statement of Work (SOW)
Comprehensive SOW strategy

Ensuring an end-to-end human capital solution of contract controls, management of supplier performance and population, strategic sourcing, reduced spending, compliance, improved security and risk mitigation.

Statement of Work (SOW)
Full visibility into your workforce

SOW spend management allows you to maximize productivity, make informed hiring decisions, and see performance issues ahead of time before they affect your bottom line.

A Best-in-class Process

Statement of Work (SOW)
Visibility coupled with Envision

GRI provides visibility into SOW performance and, coupled with our Envision analytics, allows the SOW program team to provide prompt feedback on SOW classifications to determine the most competitive way to source for the work needed.

Statement of Work (SOW)
System and solution expertise

We deliver innovative, value driven and full-service SOW solutions through VMS technology platform and SOW program experts. Our proven model ensures accountability, visibility, and quality.

Statement of Work (SOW)
We keep it simple

Many organizations in the workforce solutions industry tend to overcomplicate what the end result is – which is putting the right people to work at the right time, and at the right price.



Global Financial Services Company

Saved 12% to 55% per SOW

Our next success story is yours!

Contact GRI today for a free, no obligation assessment of your current contingent labor program. We often make immediate recommendations that reduce cost, reduce time-to-fill and increase worker quality.

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“Having worked with GRI for 10+ years, we've been able to establish a solid and strategic relationship. As an MSP, GRI is responsive to all business requirements, providing up to date information for all open jobs, invoicing and any other matter required to support the account. We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our relationship.”

Ben Akerstain, Director