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Everything we do works toward delivering exceptional experiences for our consultants, our MSP clients, and our internal team. Through a genuine commitment to people, at every step along the way, refined processes and a stellar internal team, we deliver talent quickly. And we focus on building long-term relationships, not transactions.


Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania,

Morris Plains,
New Jersey
Bangalore, India
Coimbatore, India
Vizag, India

Our roots are in IT & engineering, but over the past few decades, we’ve built an extensive network of talent in IT, Engineering, Clinical, Professional and more.

We currently partner or have partnered with clients across a range of industries, including Pharma, Utilities, Banking/Finance, Aerospace, and HealthCare/Insurance, among others.

PRISMM. The first of its kind in the industry and a critical component of a successful contingent workforce program

GRI has a simple yet engaging approach to talent partner management. To that end, we established PRISMM to recognize and engage our leading talent partners who consistently receive accolades from our clients. Our program certifies those partners delivering exceptional talent across our client base and adhering to our program discipline requirements.


Our advocacy approach allows our client’s to receive top talent as, collectively, we are the MSP of choice amongst staffing suppliers, (with a retention rate of approximately 98%). This is in large part because we continue to invest in a dedicated Partnership and Relationship team that ensures our key partners are successful, motivated and eager to work on our programs. Strategic talent partners support our clients across multiple programs, and offer discounted rates and volume pricing. Through data analysis, we recommend talent partners based on their strengths, ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations for talent delivery.  

Our program includes a commitment to share open and transparent communications with our talent partners supporting client programs.  This approach is part of our culture, and why staffing partners consistently express delight in working on our programs.  We believe that the staffing partner’s success is key to our success, and what ultimately delivers unparalleled cost savings, talent quality and speed to hire to our clients.  



Jody Mohammed
on the value of GRI's Talent Partners

Our Partners are so much more than suppliers, they're an integral part of the GRI story.


Let's Work Together

GRI embodies a company culture built on diverse and collaborative relationships. We are dedicated to supporting our team members while maintaining a commitment to excellence in all we do. Because we are the world’s leading independent MSP, it’s in our DNA to attract and retain top talent in the industry.